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Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural environment. As a civil engineer, you would see the result of your work at the end of the day, in a completed bridge, a high-rise building, a subway station, water-supply networks or a highway etc.
Career prospects are very bright for civil engineers who face endless challenges in integrating modern environmental and economic challenges into their future endeavors. At RMS, we have an experienced faculty and renowned industry professionals to ensure that our students are well prepared as engineers of tomorrow. Lectures, workshops and laboratory practicals are methodically charted to ensure that you have comprehensive understanding and knowledge.
Our curriculum is designed to give you abundant scope of exercising foundation principles to design projects at various levels. RMS Polytechnic is aimed at providing qualified, efficient professionals capable of meeting the basic requirements of the discipline. A comprehensive, well-researched curriculum exposes students to the subjects of planning, drafting, surveying, estimation and costing, construction technology, and more. Our expert faculty are veterans at shaping our students for the future and equipping them with the required knowledge and skills.
Course Outcomes
Demonstrate the application of fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science, and civil engineering to solve simple problems related to civil engineering works.
Plan, design, construct and maintain civil engineering structures and buildings.
Collect samples, conduct experiments / tests and report results pertaining to civil engineering for execution of quality work.
Communicate effectively through verbal, written and graphical presentations to diverse personnel.
Understand the importance of ethical and professional responsibility and practices as civil engineer.
Ensure optimum use of resources in the context of environmental sensitivity, sustainable development and occupational safety.
Exhibit effective team work and function as leader & members in multidisciplinary civil engineering projects.
Apply standard code of practices, by-laws, regulations, norms etc for planning and designing of buildings and projects.
Duration Total Intake Shift Fees
3 Years 120 / 60 1st / 2nd 43,000

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