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Architectural Assistantship
An architectural assistant works with professional architects or in the fields of construction, facilities management, and other related areas. He or she creates layouts, sections, drawings, and other materials that are necessary in every step of the architectural process. The architectural assistant is part of every phase of a construction project.
We are designed to give our students insight in architectural history, design, cost estimating, mechanics of materials, and computer aided design ,learning AutoCAD software and many more.
Course Outcomes
To offer diverse and updated curriculum through creative learning environment.
To synergize with leading architects to familiarize the students with design concepts.
To inspire the students towards sustainable design.
To update the knowledge and skills of the faculty in the recent developments in architecture.
Diploma Graduates will work effectively in the inter-disciplinary design teams to suit the built environment.
Ability to become an independent consultant in building construction or presue higher education.
Ability to learn and execute the latest technology in design and construction.
Duration Total Intake Shift Fees
3 Years 60 1st 43,000

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